The Central Florida Disability Chamber staff is certified through the Florida Department of Education/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DOE/DVR) as Certified Business Technical Assistance and Consultation Providers (CBTAC). The Central Florida Disability Chamber provides services to the entire of the State of Florida.

What we do

  • Meet with entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • Establish business relationships in the community
  • Establish a nationwide network of organizations with a similar purpose
  • Provide much needed business resources specifically written for future entrepreneurs.
  • Provide seminars on hot topics such as social media networking and technologies to support your business.
  • Provide networking opportunities and invite entrepreneurs with disabilities to learn about success stories through the CFDC and to meet with potential investors or sponsors.
  • Marketing and advertising packages for your start up business (cost rate)

Our role at the Central Florida Disabilities Chamber:
Support entrepreneurs through all stages of business development, including:

  • Identifying potential business concepts
  • Conducting market research and assessing feasibility studies
  • Developing necessary business financials
  • Analyzing SSA benefits
  • Determining potential funding sources
  • Writing business plans
  • Advertising

Work with customers to:

  • Determine if self-employment is a viable option
  • Assess business concepts identified by customers
  • Assess existing business plans (and provide support necessary to improve or develop further)
  • Identify other funding sources
  • Educate customer & team members about self-employment
  • Initial Meeting
    • Provide overview of self employment process
    • Discuss advantages & disadvantages of both self- and wage-employment
    • Consider potential team membership & supports
    • Answer questions related to self employment
    • Determine if self employment seems a viable option
    • Evaluate whether to accept referral

Module 1: Business Concept

    • Person-Centered Planning
    • PCP Discovery/exploration process & action planning
    • Identification of team members
    • Identification of potential business concepts
    • Researching potential business concepts

Module 2: Market Research & Benefits Analysis

    • Purpose of Market Research
    • Forms of Market Research
    • Overview of Benefits & Work Incentives
  • Implementation
    • Honing of business concept
    • Development of Market Research Action Plan
    • Benefits Analysis
  • Summary of market research efforts
    • Summary of team meetings, team members involved, etc.
  • Identification of business concept
  • Update on benefits analysis
    • Referred to CWIC, list of benefits received, etc.
  • Action plan from meeting(s)
  • Development of Marketing Plan
  • Completion of Business Financials

Module 3: Marketing & Business Financials- Training

  • Developing Marketing Plans
    • Customers (Target Market), Competition, Competitive Edge, etc.
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Strategies for marketing (pricing & positioning, advertising, etc.)
  • Business Financials
    • Start-Up and Operating Costs
    • Cash-Flow & Balance Sheets
    • Profit & Loss Statements
    • Break-Even Analysis

Module 4 Business Plan Development

    • Business structure (sole-proprietorship, partnership, etc.)
    • Management Summary
    • Operations Summary
    • Resources available to support self-employment
  • Implementation
    • Completion of Business Plan
      • Include all supports needed & how they will be provided

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